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Reviewed: Vengeance at The London Dungeons

Reviewed: Vengeance at The London Dungeons

UK Park News were lucky enough to be invited along to the Press Event for ‘Vengeance’ – The UK’s first 5D Laser Ride at The London Dungeons.

The ride, which has been manufactured and designed by Belgian company, Alterface, combines various technologies to form a thrilling 360 experience back in time.

“Guests will be transported to a séance set in Victorian times at 50 Berkeley Square, alleged to be the most haunted house in London at the time. Here riders will come face to face with one of the most famous and feared mediums of the age, Florence Cook, who will take them on the ultimate ghost hunt in a high octane battle of skill, speed and nerve.

Completely disorientated in the dark and spinning at high speeds, riders will shoot it out with twisted, vengeful spirits, whilst facing their full destructive force. This is definitely not a ride for the faint hearted and wusses should take the ‘escape door’ option!”

Vengeance is one of only 3 5D rides in the world, combing 5 Dimesions in the form of:

  • 3D: Stunningly realistic high definition 3D film exclusively produced for the ride, enabling visitors to watch in terror as the strange spirits from 50 Berkeley Square appear to come to life around them!
  • 4D: Incredible fully immersive special effects – including high speed rotating movements and unexpected ‘scare’ effects built into every seat – making up the fourth dimension
  • 5D: A final, fifth dimension, rider interactivity, with a fast paced laser shoot-out enabling riders to fire at evil spirits using a Victorian style revolver laser gun.

The Ride

Vengeance is the third ride to be installed at the dungeons, and falls in between the two current rides, Traitor: Boat Ride to Hell and Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom in terms of intensity. It lies between the scenes of Sweeney Todd and Jack The Ripper, replacing some of the previous Jack the Ripper scenes, which have now been condensed and modernised.


Guests enter a corridor, which resembles the hallway of 50 Berkeley Square, the location in which the ride takes place. The Hallway is lined with paintings of what we can assume are the house’s residents, former and present, as well as their family. Little details really make the hallway more convincing, such as a coat stand, which cleverly hides a height stick, and fake cobwebs lining the walls and paintings. Here, you meet a ghastly looking Butler who talks guests through what is about to happen, and asks those riding to don the protective eye wear located on a corner table – otherwise known a 3D glasses!


After a short wait, guests are then called into the ride area. After stepping through the doorway, guests enter a room with bright green lighting, and a large, circular seating platform. Riders are seated in Gothic styled armchairs, each equipped with a Revolver laser gun. Seats are arranged in rows of 6 and 7, providing a total capacity of 25 people per ride and up to 300 players per hour.

As the ride begins, the lights are dimmed, and a screen is revealed from behind a curtain. This is where the fun really begins. You are transported to a computer-generated Victorian room, in which Florence Cook is seated with two other unknown characters, just as they are about to conduct a seance. All seems well, until things take a turn for the worse, and Florence Cook becomes possessed, resulting in the two other characters to die. From there, Florence begins to throw an array of objects towards riders, all whilst riders attempt to shoot at any objects flying towards them. The 3D aspect really lends itself to this attraction, and does not feel gimmicky as with many other applications of 3D, boosting the chaos and ongoing mayhem due to the constant stream of objects seemingly coming ‘out of the screen’.

Whilst riders attempt to fight off the onslaught of objects and ghostly enemies, numerous effects built into the seat and around the room further enhance the realism of the situation. These include wind, water, leg and neck ‘ticklers’ as well as what is described as a ‘buttkicker’. Unbeknown to riders, there is a second screen located behind the seating arrangement, which is viewable due to the whole seating platform being capable of spinning throughout 360°, and at some speed aswell! As the seating platform differentiates between the two screens, there are also random moments where it’ll whip riders around and around numerous times, providing for one of the most fun and disorientating parts of the ride.

The shooting aspect of the ride, at this current time, doesn’t seem to add an awful lot to the ride experience. Unlike many other laser ‘shoot-out’ rides, Vengeance’s laser system doesn’t seem to have an impact on the storyline or on-screen events/actions. Riders aren’t too aware of where and what they are supposed to be shooting, and from what we could tell, are not given any confirmation/recognition that they have shot a target. There are many shooting marks that pop up on screen, however, they don’t seem to represent where the rider is actually targeting, and seem to be randomly placed, however, we were told that the ride can be remotely programmed by Alterface, and that tweaks and improvements will be made to the ride over the coming week/s to ensure the best possible ride experience. We personally feel that if the shooting had a more visible impact on the on-screen events and story, there would be a greater incentive for riders to use the provided guns, and enhance the enjoyability of the ride.

Overall, we feel that ‘Vengeance’ is a decent addition to The London Dungeons, and a worthy replacement for the previous Jack The Ripper scenes. With a few minor tweaks, primarily with the shooting and targeting system, we feel the ride has got the potential to be a fun, interactive experience. We’d like to commend The London Dungeons on this unique ride, which was redesigned exclusively for this attraction, and creating an immersive and unique experience, that makes a visit to The London Dungeons that much more worthwhile.

We’d like to thank The London Dungeons for inviting us to this outstanding event, and wish them the best of luck in the success of Vengeance – The UK’s First 5D Laser Ride.

Photo Credit: Matt Cooper, Ollie Cook & Phill Pritchard

Comments (4)

  • Tom Green

    Did not want to read this until after I went yesterday. It is rather disappointing I think, but it was my first visit to London Dungeon so not sure if what it replaced was even worse.

    • Matt Cooper

      Hey Tom,

      It’s by far an improvement on what was previously there. It used to be three extra Jack the Ripper scenes, which, if I’m perfectly honest, were boring.

      So yes, it is a vast improvement on the previous scenes!

  • Daniel Watson

    Does the new ride have an on-ride photo taken?

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