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UKPN Takes a Look at 2011 Pricing

UKPN Takes a Look at 2011 Pricing

With the recession hitting the country hard, and the increase of VAT to 20%, everyone is feeling the pinch now in 2011, perhaps more so than ever before.
We take a look at pricing across the UK’s top theme parks, to compare value for money at admissions, and family deals – to see which park offers the best “bang for buck”.

We all love great¬†family days out, but it can be an issue when just one day out at a UK destination costs hundreds of pounds. That may sound extreme, however, consider the average family of four travelling to a destination, paying for admission, purchasing lunch/food, paying for parking, souvenirs –¬†the amount spent can¬†soon mount up.

Some UK theme parks offer amazing value for money – especially through online deals. Let’s take a look at what the industry has to offer for 2011…

2011 Pricing Matrix

We decided to compile a pricing matrix, which allows for easy price comparison across leading theme parks within the UK. We looked at gate prices, online prices for adults, children and infants, parking charges, in addition to the best family deals (based on a family of 4 with two adults and two children).

It has to be said, we were quite surprised at some of our findings! When collecting all pricing data into one easy grid, it soon becomes apparent where savings can be made on a day out for you and your family, perhaps by choosing¬†to visit parks you hadn’t previously considered.

Our Conclusion:
Looking at the pricing matrix, we can see that Lightwater Valley costs the least (¬£63.80)¬†out of the ten parks that we compared. Allied to this saving, it’s also worth noting that 2011 sees considerable investment¬†from the park, with the introduction of the all-new pirate’s adventure land Skeleton Cove, along with the permanent addition of a new Mondial Top-Scan.

Very close to LWV¬†there is also Camelot Theme Park (¬£64.00)¬†– another excellent day out with 2011 seeing the introduction of an All-new Bird of Prey Experience.¬†However it’s worth noting that Camelot is aimed more towards a younger market, and may not be first choice for everyone in the family (e.g. older teenagers)¬†with its King Arthur/Camelot theme throughout.

At the opposite end of the scale, we have Legoland Windsorcoming in at the most expensive day out (¬£118.16). This is a whopping ¬£54.36 more expensive than a day out at Lightwater Valley, and surprisingly some ¬£22.92 more than the UK’s most well known theme park Alton Towers.

Each park, in¬†its own right offers their guests a different and unique experience. However, if you are looking to plan your next¬†family day out, it’s¬†definitely worth pausing for thought, and looking at what savings can be made by trying an alternative to the main stream big players. You’ll still have a fantastic day out, and¬†could save yourself a packet.¬†For example; the¬†money saved by visiting Lightwater Valley over Legoland Windsor could easily be enough to¬†feed the whole family for the day, and have spare cash to put some petrol in your car!

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