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UKPN Takes a Look at 2012 Pricing

UKPN Takes a Look at 2012 Pricing

After the success of our pricing feature in¬†2011, we decided to do the same for 2012. We’ve also compared the price differences year-on-year, with some surprising results.
All prices reflect a “best family deal” as found on the official park websites. Family Deal refers to two adult and two child tickets booked in advance. Prices correct as of 06.03.12.

You can see the full pricing matrix here.


Drayton Manor introduce a £3 parking fee per car for 2012.
Pleasure Beach Blackpool reduction in Wristband costs by £12 per family.
Legoland Windsor increase of Over 20% for a family of 4 compared to 2011.
Paultons Park/Peppa Pig World increase of 16.2% for a family of 4 compared to 2011.
Thorpe Park car parking charge increases by £1 for 2012 season.
Chessington World of Adventures – infant (free entry) height requirement reduced from 1.0m to 0.9m.
Lightwater Valley for 2012 is joint cheapest of all the parks we analysed, with an increase of only £0.90 compared to 2011, joint in 2012 with Oakwood Theme Park at £64 for a family ticket.


Alton Towers 

2012 price increased from ¬£95.24 for a family of 4 (best family deal) to ¬£100.80 including the ¬£6 car parking charge. This season visitors can enjoy two new attractions: Nemesis Sub Terra, an indoor drop tower with a “twist” and Ice Age 4D cinema experience.


Pleasure Beach Resort Blackpool

From our research, wristbands appear to have reduced in price for 2012 from ¬£108 last year to ¬£86 in 2012, according to the current prices listed on the official Pleasure Beach Resort website. Visitors can benefit from both the main Pleasure Beach Resort attractions, along with the fantastic Nickelodeon children’s/family area.


Camelot Theme Park

Car parking remains free at the park with prices increasing from £64 in 2011 (best family deal) to £76 for 2012. Camelot; a land of great knights and amazing days. A theme park where you can see the magical sorcery of a wizard one minute and knights battling it out in spectacular jousting tournaments the next. A land of fun days out, twisting, turning thrill an minute rides, of breathtaking shows and exciting entertainment.


Chessington World of Adventures

This year sees an increase of £9.73 compared to 2011 prices (best family deal) with the £2 car parking fee still in place. 2012 sees an unwelcome change in the height requirements for infants changing from 1m to 0.9m. This means any child 0.9m or over in 2012 will be charged at £20.16 (best online price).


Drayton Manor

There have been some colourful reactions on Social Media Websites in relation to Drayton’s 2012 pricing model. The park have decided to hike their gate prices to a huge ¬£36 for adults and and ¬£25 for children (aged 3 – 15) though it is intended that similar to 2011, the park will be running an increased number of Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) and other promotions. It’s also worth mentioning that visitors who book in advance are rewarded with substantial savings with tickets costing ¬£22/¬£21 respectively. The park however do impose a ¬£3.50 booking fee for online transactions, though this is not charged when paying by card on the day. Infants (under 2’s) are also charged at ¬£9.


Legoland Windsor

Legoland was the most expensive park in our analysis in 2011, and this year not much has changed. Last year a family ticket was £118.16 compared with £141.32, an increase of £23.16 (over 20%). Parking charges remain at £2.


Lightwater Valley & Oakwood

In 2011 Lightwater Valley was the “best value” park costing just ¬£63.80 for a family of 4. This has increased by a tiny ¬£0.20 for 2012 (best family deal) to ¬£64 which is on-par with Oakwood Theme Park (also ¬£64, reduced from ¬£64.90 in 2011).


Paultons Park/Peppa Pig World

The introduction of Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park has seen the business go from strength to strength. The park is renowned for its sparsely distributed offers and incentives and 2012 sees an increase of £22 for a family ticket from £74 to £96, most likely due to its proven success and popularity amongst families with younger children.


Thorpe Park

With the introduction of Swarm, Europe’s first Wing Over coaster, 2012 is set to be another fantastic year for the London Park. Prices increased from ¬£98 to ¬£105.60 for a family day ticket. It’s worth noting that the park’s marketing strategy has been geared towards teenagers and thrill seekers, and there is little suitable at the park for families with younger children, with the majority of attractions being aimed at the 1.4m or above market.


You can see the full pricing matrix here.


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