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Storm Surge Construction Update

Storm Surge Construction Update

Today, Thorpe Park have released several new photos, showcasing construction progress on their new ride for 2011, Storm Surge. The ride is a spinning rapids ride, and is to be located in Amity Cove.

Below are the latest pictures released via Thorpe Parks official Facebook page.





Comments (5)

  • Tay

    The latest construction images are from the 2nd of Feb 2011, did they honestly dismantle it because of the “Headless Monk”, + going on Sunday 13th for Annual Pass day

    • Matt Cooper

      Hi Tay!

      No, they didn’t dismantle the ride – This was simply a Press stunt to gain attention and get people talking about the ride.

      Yes, it’ll be open on the 13th (Hopefully!) We hope you have a good time.

  • Tom

    I love how they have painted the slide to make it fit in with Amity Cove! Love Thorpe Park!

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