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Southend Chippy Aims to S-mash World Record

Southend Chippy Aims to S-mash World Record

If you’re a chip lover, you batter get down to Adventure Island on Southend seafront on Wednesday 29 June 2011 because the chefs at the UK’s number one free admission fun park are frying to set a new record – the World’s Biggest Portion of Chips!

The current Guinness World record of 368.5 kg (812.4 lb) was sizzled and set by Alan Williams of Mr Chips at Hereford Racecourse on 19 February 2004 – but the master fryers at Adventure Island are feeling so confident they are aiming to totally smash that record in four hours and become supper stars.

The clock will start at 11am when staff in the theme park’s special ‘wet room’ will start peeling and cutting chips in the traditional way. A team of helpers will then transfer the chips to four deep fat fryers in the award-winning attraction’s Fish and Chip Shop, which will each cook 16kg of chips at a time.

Once they’re perfectly crisped, the chips will then be emptied into an enormous Fish and Chip box (measuring a massive 137 x 116cms and 75cms high) outside the shop. This is a ‘scaled up’ version of the container normally used to serve chips at Adventure Island and has been built to meet food safety regulations by the park’s Art & Design team.

If all goes to plan, by the 3pm ‘weigh-in’ Adventure Island will not only make fish-tory but be a record breaker once again – the park already holds the world records for the Most Naked People on a Rollercoaster (102 people, August 2010) and the Longest Dodgem Car Marathon (26 hours, May 2011).

Adventure Island Chief Executive Philip Miller says “When it comes to eating fish and chips, Britain’s Cod Talent and having a fish supper on the seafront is part and parcel of a fantastic tradition that we want to celebrate. Also we are very proud to fly the flag for ‘real’ chips – there are no frozen chips served in our Fish and Chip Shop! We are aiming to remind everybody how our national dish should and used to taste, before people started cutting corners and skimping on the quality.”

The record is also aiming to raise awareness and funds for the Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation’s Bosom Pals Appeal. Visitors to the park can buy a cone of record-breaking chips for just £1 once the record is broken. The charity’s Lucy Thomas-Clayton urges “We want as many people as possible to visit Adventure Island and see the record in action and also to make a donation for a worthwhile, local cause.”

At the end of the attempt all the left over chips will go to a good home – to help make premium Essex sausages at Wick’s Manor in Maldon. The farm’s Fergus Howie says “Wicks Manor is pleased to help in providing a good home for the chips produced in this record attempt.  We fully support any charity work within the community – and the pigs love chips!  They mostly eat wheat and barley milled on the family farm but a few chips will go down very well and make plenty of happy porkers.  Happy pigs make the best sausages – so along with fish ‘n’ chips – big, juicy bangers put a smile on everyone’s face.”

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