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Merlin Annual Pass – No More Free Parking!

Merlin Annual Pass – No More Free Parking!

In a recent deal for a Merlin Annual Pass, new terms and conditions have arose, highlighting changes in the current list of benefits for Standard Pass Holders.

Coming as a shock to the Annual Pass community; Merlin have revealed that free parking shall no longer be available at any Merlin Attractions to Standard Annual Pass Holders. But that isn’t all that’s changing.

During August; Annual Pass holders shall not be able to attend Legoland Windsor before 2pm. There is also no entry into any Blackpool attractions from the 22nd-31st of October.

Judging by the hundreds of comments posted around the internet, and on the MAP Facebook Page, many people are not going to renew their pass this season, as they feel it is simply not worth the money any longer. Many feel that Merlin are simply being greedy, and not rewarding their loyal customers. How this will affect gate figures, nobody yet knows; however, we wouldn’t be surprised if Annual Pass sales fall dramatically, as many believe the idea of buying a ‘Premium’ Pass is not one to be considered.

How do you feel about this decision? Angry? Dissapointed? Or maybe you don’t really mind?

Comments (5)

  • Helen Andrews

    Merlin has just made there annual passes profits plumment as many people will not renew!

  • alan badger

    poor show merlin car parking will now cost me more than the pass:( sort it out.

  • Erol Huseyin

    What in the actual heck is the point in owning an annual pass? It’s more than the Disney annual pass but with less perks…..

  • Mat South

    Very Poor MAP. Very poor indeed.

  • Mushroom

    Its absolutely disgusting for them to do it. People like myself who have no other options but travel by car to the parks as the transport links are shocking. And I travel there alone and meet people there. It is pricing me out of the parks. I visited Alton 4 times last year, Thorpe twice (only once with the parking charge) and CWOA twice. I think I might just invest into a Flamingo Land pass which will cost me £50 for the year (with free parking for everyone) before 31st December. Bad move Merlin.

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