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Loudoun Castle Closes for Final Time!

Loudoun Castle Closes for Final Time!
Henk Bembom, owner of the site, has announced today that Loudoun Castle Theme Park shall cease operation.  

The theme park, which opened in 1995, featured 25 rides, a farm area and daily live shows. Mr Bembom took control of it seven years ago.  

He said: “The combination of bad weather, increased VAT and the imminent opening of new publicly funded visitor attractions, including the ¬£21 million Burns Centre and the ¬£85 million transport museum in Glasgow, which will be free of charge, has created a situation where Loudoun Castle Theme Park is no longer economically viable. I would like to thank all our staff for their unwavering loyalty and support over the years. I would also like to thank East Ayrshire Council for all help offered to us in this difficult period.”¬†¬†

However, the site is still being kept by the current owners, and rumours of a Holiday Village being developed are already circulating. Perhaps if this is true, then once developed, we may see the park come back to life?

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