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Lightwater Valley 2012 Plans Revealed

Lightwater Valley 2012 Plans Revealed

It has been recently revealed that Lightwater Valley could be seeing not one, but TWO brand new themed areas for 2012.

The first attraction announced is Mcdougals Tractor Ride, previously located at Loudoun Castle. The ride, similar to Old Mcdonalds Tractor Ride at Alton Towers, shall follow a set layout, through what can only be guessed as being a farm. It is therefore expected that one of the two new themed areas at Lightwater Valley shall be based around a farmyard.

Another ride has also been bought from the now closed Loudoun Castle, however, details have not yet been released as to what it is. Rumours are pointing towards it possibly being Barnstormer, a 140ft Shot tower, as this is also themed around a Farm. However, this is only rumours, and nothing is yet confirmed.


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  • James H

    Nice to see them adding more Themed Areas – I’m really starting to love Lightwater now.

    If the got the Shot tower that would be amazing! But then again, they could really do with a new Rollercoaster. Either way, I’m glad their adding new stuff constantly.


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