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John Wardley “Imagineer” Set to Retire

John Wardley “Imagineer” Set to Retire

Today it was announced via Season Pass Podcast that ride designer & “imagineer” John Wardley is to retire following the completion of SW7 (The Smiler) roller coaster at Alton Towers Resort. John has been involved with Merlin Entertainments for mainy years and his projects include The Vampire, Bubbleworks, Th13teen, Oblivion, Air The Smiler – Alton Towers’ latest thrill incarnation and of course Nemesis, perhaps the project for which he most renowned.

John Explaining Nemesis in 1993:

Johns career started out as a stage manager at Windsor’s Theatre Royal which then moved to the film industry where he became involved with animatronics and special effects. He later moved to the Tussauds Group (Now Merlin) where he has remained o work on many successful projects spanning a number of decades.

Now, at the tender age of 63 John has chosen to retire and can do so looking back on a successful career which has had an impact on so many people both enthusiasts and general public.

We hope you have a happy and relaxed retirement.

John Wardley

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