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Goldmine Closes at Blackpool

Goldmine Closes at Blackpool

We can confirm that the Goldmine Attraction at Blackpool has now closed. The ride has been fenced off. It is unclear at the moment whether the ride is to receive a makeover/retheme or whether it will be replaced:


Photography thanks to Richard Jones.

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  • BPB Fan

    Absolutely ridicuous decision, if the Goldmine is in fact going to be replaced/rethemed as a Wallace and Gromit ride. I adore Wallace and Gromit but what’s the longevity of a ride? Is this really still going to be running in 40 years time like the Goldmine has? I doubt it. And what about the rest of the park? There are lots of unused parts that are, frankly, an eyesore – why can’t the new ride go there? Granted, the Goldmine is already there in a self-contained building, but to replace a classic, popular, recently refurbished ride with something that is highly unlikely to have any lasting appeal beyond more than just a few years is absolutely ludicrous. If this is indeed the case then it just cements further the ineptitude of Amanda Thompson


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