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Canada Creek Railway to Take it’s Final Passengers

Canada Creek Railway to Take it’s Final Passengers

It has been confirmed that the Canada Creek Railway at Thorpe Park shall take it’s last journey at the end of this season.

After 22 years of service, it has been confirmed that the final day of operation for the ride will be November the 6th.

Originally providing an alternative method of transport to the Thorpe Farm, the railway now takes guests on a scenic journey around the Canada Creek area, providing usually unseen view of both Saw: The Ride and Loggers Leap, as well as including a ‘Spot the Bear’ activity for children.

It is not yet known why the ride shall cease operation.

Are you sad to see yet another piece of Thorpe Park’s history disappear? Or perhaps you feel that ‘change’ is a good thing? Why not let us know by leaving a comment!

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  • Coasterfreck

    It is sad to see that the CCR has closed.
    Thorpe made the wrong decision in my opinion.

  • Ben

    Well actually its part of thorpes marketing scheme and age range suitibility, obviously they wouldn’t keep a childs ride running if the park is trying to discourage small children under 1.0 m to visit an extreme theme park, so due to lack of visitors, though in the summer it proves very popular, the ride may as well be removed, possibly in place for an exciting new flat ride! So with bad news entering, some good could be done with the bare space, like mrs hippos fungle safari and the octopus garden. All part of 6 new flat rides in thorpe’s MTDP by 2016

  • Jamie Darani

    This is quite sad to hear, I do hope this is not purely a money saving decision as the park has completely dwindled on kids offerings for rides.

  • David L

    It sad to see historic piece of family fun history just disappearing for future generations.

  • James

    Very sad that CCR will be leaving – I have many happy memories of trips over to the old farm on the train. Here’s a short tribute to an old friend:


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