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Copyright Info

Copyright Information:

All content on UK Park News is owned by UK Park News, unless otherwise stated.
UK Park News permits the use of its content but only in strict accordance with the following terms:

1. The use of hotlinking (embedding) images from the UK Park News website is not permitted without prior consent. Our website will automatically detect attempts to hotlink, and will prevent this attempt by replacing images with a “Hotlinking Error” image. Should you wish to use any image from the UK Park News website, please request to do so here.
2. Videos may be embedded¬†using YouTube’s embedding facility but must not be edited in¬†ANY way and you MUST link to UKPN as your source for each video used.
3. News articles may be used (i.e. news aggregator sites) however they must not be edited in ANY way and you MUST link to UKPN as your source for each article used.
4. ANY use of UKPN content on your site requires you to add “ – Your Dedicated Theme Park Resource” into a dedicated and easy to access external links/credits page.

Failure to adhere to these terms will result in legal steps for copyright infringement.

© 2013 UK Park News. Do not steal this content.

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